WeSurf Co. x Voice of the Sea

Recently, we are inundated in the media with calls to action to save our planet. Locally, the coasts of Japan are also at risk with concrete poured into the ocean for building foundations, the beaches thinning out, and ocean pollution.

As a surf brand based in Tokyo and Chiba, we cannot ignore these risks that face our local oceans. Voice of the Sea is a non-profit organization that measure these risks so that we are equipped with the information needed to save local marine life and better the waters that surround us. Not only do they scientifically quantify ocean particulates, they also research the garbage collected after organized beach cleans, and volunteer at nearby elementary schools to educate the next generation.

Based out of Chiba, Voice of the Sea is an organization that we have identified to partner with in order to leave a cleaner, more surf-friendly ocean environment for generations to come. We would like to update their activities here and their research results to spread awareness of what our seas are telling us.

Proceeds from every WeSurf Co. purchase will be donated to both charitable causes.