Our baby’s first photoshoot.

The X-Board Signature was born out of the need for a lighter, faster, but delicately maneuverable board. It is also our first board that has begun the WeSurf Co. journey. It has been such a thrill to see the board come to life at our local shaper’s shop, seeing it from the blank form, being there for the color matching, and finally seeing the board completed. We were so giddy to get it professionally photographed and the result is what you see on the SURF page. The lighting, support beams, and angles were all done with such care and we couldn’t be prouder! The Signature is specific to the blue-green color that you see here and stands out amongst the other boards that you see out there. Let us know if you’re interested via the CONTACT US form and we can help guide you, whether it’s your first board ever, your first custom board, or looking to add another to a whole rack of them!